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deviation in storage by GalaxysCloud


I'm thinking of getting a new dA account.
Mostly because this one is wayyyy too crowded and I don't want to organize it. Also, I want to focus less on Adventure Time and more on other worldly things (?). Also, KawaiiTomali is weebish ;;;;;;

I'll notify all of you when I make my FINAL AND OFFICIAL account cause I know I do this way too much and need to relax.

Thank you for staying loyal to my account and I'm so sorry I haven't been online. I'll catch up with you guys ASAP.
Beta Drive by KawaiiTomali
Beta Drive
Full Name: Beta Drive
Age: 21 years old
Species: Object Head (2000 Computer Monitor)
Gender: Feminine
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Blood Type: O
Relationship Status: Single and forever alone
Occupation: works at the biggest library in Ooo

Please ask her and roleplay with her!
Character Reveal 001 (PICARTO.TV OPEN) by KawaiiTomali
Character Reveal 001 (PICARTO.TV OPEN)
You all will soon meet a new and exciting character! Come meet her at my Picarto.TV session here:…

Can't wait to see you all here!
Hey everyone! This is Tomada with a stream for tonight. :9

Change of plans a bit. I decided to switch things up and do a computer head OC and hold back on the comic a bit for now to do some writing first. Click this link to see my stream! I hope to see you all at my stream. We will start at 9 PM Central Time.
    This is Toma, as you all may know. :9
    I am so so sorry for not being active much here. In real life, it's been such a drag and here I've been getting bad vibes from a LOT of people so I was always down and avoiding this site, but now I want to make an announcement and say I am certainly back and making art progress! I am making a comic that will be posted up on Tapastic soon enough and I actually holding a late night to kick that off. Hopefully, I will stay positive and keep going with the sketch I have in mind but if you're wondering what character I will be drawing, it will actually be me from this comic! Her name is Allie and she is a Yorkshire Terrier furry. You can ask much much more at the so click this beautiful link and come join me! We will be starting officially at 10:20 PM Central Time so please come along! Please put your username as your Viewer name upon entering and keep all hands and feet in the ride at all times! Enjoy your time with me and my artsu >w<


    Thank you to all of you that came. Like... It means a lot. u///u I got many more people than I have in a while. A year maybe? So that was really nice to know that people actually like...give a flying crap about this stuff I do. xD
    Anyway, thank you annnnnnnd I may not post the arts on this account! It may go on an account I plan on making under another name other than Toma. -gasps in the backround- vnv Yes I am kinda letting this name fly away into the wilderness once more. Anyway, since I'm a real nice gal (-winks cause I'm really not- //shot), my new name is Beatree Rose. uwu Catch me if you can, lozers! //flies off cliff and int the depths of Satan's pit


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Queenie Toma
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United States

Hello and Welcome!

Enjoy some music with your visit! The song of the month is Onedari Daisuken by Babymetal



People That I Cherish



Just an announcement that I am not as active on here as I used to be. I hope I can still have RPs with my friends and hope to interact, but I'm kinda off nowadays. People with RPs with me: unless I tell you about a ship breaking off, we're fine. :P Thanks!

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