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deviation in storage by TheLittlehoneybee
deviation in storage by TheLittlehoneybee
deviation in storage by TheLittlehoneybee



If anyone wants a scapegoat, I'm here. What else am I good for? :9
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Ezmerelda Reference Sheet (Completed) by KawaiiTomali
Ezmerelda Reference Sheet (Completed)
Name: Ezmerelda Lucifer
Species: Succubus
Age: 19
Birthday: November 11th
Height: 5' 3"
Sex: F
Status: Taken by Kicho-Keynote  's Wyatt
Custom Adopt Sheet (20) by KawaiiTomali
Custom Adopt Sheet (20)
EACH CUSTOM ADOPT IS 50:points: - 100:points: !!!


Please buy ;;;;;;;;;
Hello everyone. :D BTW, I stole this idea from Rocking-Horse-People just so you know. Due to my recent depression (Which seems to be happening a lot lol OMG) about shipping and being a part of this AT community, I think it's appropriate to start over and organize what is even going on right now. Below you will find the relationship stats of all of my characters, plans for characters in the future, etc. Thank you if any of you read this because it is so so important to me. 
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purple heart bullet In a canon ship
grey heart bullet "Break Up Zone"
yellow heart bullet Single
black heart bullet Recently Broken Up/Heartbroken
dark blue heart bullet Crushing
white heart bullet Closed for Shipping
red heart bullet Planning Ship 
green heart bullet Open for Shipping 

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First Generation


Nightmaria;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
This sophisticated queen lady is currently engaged to the king of Shadows, Brandon from 941214 . My only problem with this ship is that there hasn't been any development for months and that's a fault on mine and the other's fault. I'd really like this ship to go on and I know I can grow to love it like I used to. Please note me so we can begin RPing them again. :)

Misery;yellow heart bulletblack heart bulletgreen heart bullet
Misery was really really hurt by the disappearance of her fiance, Sylvia. Due to her depression and utter mental and emotional pain, the woman committed suicide by hanging herself in her office: the place where she had last seen Sylvia and where they had always spent time together. Yes, this means Misery is a ghostly being and cannot bear children. I'd like to revamp Misery and get her out there again, so as soon as I get a reference of her, you all can send in RPs.

Lilianna;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
This sexy adult magazine model is currently in a relationship with Jared from 941214 . The same thing with this ship just like the one before: there hasn't been any development for months and I'd really like this ship to go on and I know I can grow to love it like I used to. Please note me so we can begin RPing them again. :)

Jezebel;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
This evil mastermind and beautiful woman is the fiance and dedicated lover of Paradox King from Ask-TheTeam . We have not RPed in a very long time due to college on your end and I'm willing to start RPing again because I was looking forward to seeing these two have their little baby addition to the family. Please note me if you are still active.

Cecile Maryweather;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
This shy, stuttering fallen angel is currently the girlfriend of Dani from Mizunashi-Chan . (ayeee Mizu) My only thing about Cecile and Dani is that there is not any development with them much at all and I'd really really like to RP these two more. Please note me. :)

Iris;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
The silly cloud girl is currently deeply in love with her boyfriend Edgar Crowe from MissBillyF . I love these two soooo much but I'd love to see more of them. >w< Please note me when or if you can so we can roleplay our precious Cloudy Crowes! :heart:

Ezmerelda;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
No doubt about it Ezmerelda, the sexy incubus, is in love and dating Wyatt from Kicho-Keynote and is a very active ship. I have to post up her new reference soon, but these two don't seem like they'll be breaking up. Wyatt got first dibs.

Kennedy;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Currently dating Danny from Muki-loid07 

Maria;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Married to Orson from DragonDemon97 

Cinnalin;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Cinnalin is dating and deeply in love with Andrew Oreo from CladdezBuns and their ship is the cutest thing. I'd love to RP though, Clady (beforeyouknowwhatuhu)!

Jo;yellow heart bulletblack heart bulletgreen heart bullet
Now. Jo is currently very unstable. Recently, the relationship she was in with David from Rocking-Horse-People was broken off suddenly and it was a horrible experience for this young vixen. After she thought she found the one, everything fell apart. So, basically, Jo is soon to be committing suicide. She's cut a bit already, but soon, I'm going to be posting up a lil drawing of her sitting on the railing of a really really tall high rise. The thing is is that I love Jo, I love her with all my heart. So, instead of killing her right away, I want somebody, somebody to come and save her, love her. You may say I care way too much about this OC and call me crazy, but I just don't want to let go of her. She has the best developed story of all my OCs, in my mind, and the person she was shipped with before changed her life and caused greater development. I can't do anything to get the old ship back together (I'm guessing but I doubt it's possible), so instead of killing her, you guys can have a chance. I may just type up a starter or draw one, but you guys will know soon enough. 

Annabella;yellow heart bulletblack heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Ana is the second most loved OC after Jo. She was once in a relationship with Rod from Rocking-Horse-People and then Jeorgie, but both were broken suddenly and hurt her a lot. After Rod, however, she committed suicide. In the RP, using witchcraft, she was brought back, and she fell in love with Jeorgie. I don't know why or how she and Jeorgie broke up, but now, she's just given up. Now, about Ana. I seriously think I'm just going to make her blow her brains out and die. Due to her past, that's what she would do. That's exactly why she is currently closed. So after she does that, I most likely will bring her back as a second gen. So I guess you can look forward to that, but she will not be the same. This is goodbye to Ana. RIP Gravestone by RuthlessDreams

Mary Jane;yellow heart bulletblack heart bulletgreen heart bullet
She was in a relationship with Ixdin from one of Disa's accounts. :/ She had two babies with him so I'm claiming them both. She's a single mother and wary to love, but she's still open.

Tzipora;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Dating Alexander from Ask--The--Twins
Maralynn and Adalynn;yellow heart bulletblack heart bulletgreen heart bullet
Twins that were in a relationship with Steven and Lysander from StorkishCharm but I put them on full reset, so they're 20 year old, homeless, virgin thieves. 

Kamaria;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
In a relationship with Hunter from AskHunterAndFriends but needs more development. uwu
Note me.

Amora;yellow heart bulletgreen heart bullet

Nora;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
In a relation ship with the Butler of Butlers from InvaderDemonka but needs more RP and more development. I love these two sooo much though, to be completely honest. 

Siri and Angel;yellow heart bulletgreen heart bullet

Toni;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Dating Tony from DragonDemon97 

Cafya;purple heart bulletgrey heart bullet
Dating two OCs from DragonDemon97. They need more development, because Cafya is beautiful and stuff and I don't want to see her go to waste uwu. I just want to use her more. 

Notila;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Dating Greg from QAQ gottafindthename

Florence;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Dating Aimi from CladdezBuns but needs a lot more RP cause it's hardly a ship yet xD

Skai;yellow heart bulletred heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Blind Datin y'all


Aizielle;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
This cutie gay booty is dating Gavin from Ask-Jack-Crow and I love love love loooveeee this ship.

Rider;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Dating Runna from N1njaStar28 but there isn't much development or RPing :( I love this ship but no dedication? :(

Joshua;purple heart bulletwhite heart bullet
Dating Narelle Rocking-Horse-People 

1.5 Generation


Marion;yellow heart bulletblack heart bulletgreen heart bullet
Heartbroken lesbian. Currently 15. 


Second Generation


Brandi;yellow heart bulletgreen heart bullet
Myracle;yellow heart bulletgreen heart bullet


More updates laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr //flies away


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Just an announcement that I am not as active on here as I used to be. I hope I can still have RPs with my friends and hope to interact, but I'm kinda off nowadays. People with RPs with me: unless I tell you about a ship breaking off, we're fine. :P Thanks!

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